THIS is our vision for a regenerative food system.

research, brainstorming, workshops and designing to execute a 2050 purposeful-food system

Along with experts in the agriculture sector, we participated in the Food System Vision Prize (Rockefeller grant). Organizations from across the globe were expected to develop a Vision of a regenerative and nourishing food system that they aspire to create by the year 2050.
With the Praakritik team, we took on the task of visualizing a vision for Mumbai's food system in 2020. Immersing ourselves into understanding food systems and the team's specific vision, we designed all the research and strategy points of this project. The massive scope of the vision meant we were able to deliver outcomes ranging from simple PDFs, to systems maps and illustrations. 
We created an interactive systems map, visualizing the various stakeholders, forces and processes that would go into transforming Mumbai to our vision of it.  Interact with the map here 
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